if you want read Kinde .azw file in iPad, Sony e-reader or other device, you must convert it to pdf/epub/pdf/txt format that supported by other e-reader, this is step-by-step conversion guide.

1) The conversion process takes place using open source software called Calibre
http://calibre-ebook.com/ Download here .

2) Your first task is to add your current e-books to Calibre, which can be accomplished by pressing “Add Books” and selecting the proper folder. A pop-up window will then appear allowing you to browse to Kindle azw file. Select the file and click Open the file will then be added to Calibre.

Note: you should add non-drm ebook file into calibre after remove drm protection, do not select origin drm file.

3). Select your file and click Convert E-books.

4). In the pop-up window that appears in the drop down box on the right hand side make sure that Output format is selected as PDF, other format you want.

To setup PDF page size, click “PDF output” section on left, you setup PDF page size,

5). You get new PDF file after conversion, press “O” to open folder, you will find pdf file.

6). It will work fine if Kindle azw doesn’t have DRM, you will get message if ebook has DRM. You need to removal Kindle ebook DRM first, this is how to remove Kindle DRM protection.

Download Kindle drm removal for Win Download for Mac

Note: you should add non-drm ebook file into calibre after remove drm protect, do not select origin drm file.

7). Sending your e-book to your e-reader, according to the instructions with your e-reader attach the device to your computer. Calibre will automatically detect your e-reader. Select your e-book and click Send to device. Calibre will transfer the e-book onto your e-reader.

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